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Diane Sheppard

Specializing in women-only

alternative and holistic treatments

A Balanced Life is Within Reach

Appointments available via 0417176459

About Me

Diane is a KaHuna body work massage therapist and Samvahan energy alignment practitioner specializing in holistic treatments, offering women a safe, sacred  space to reconnect with their own authenticity, confidence & self-nurturing. Offering a space to recalibrate & to re-assess who they truly are, what they truly want and what their mission is in this moment of their souls journey.  

Diane is passionate about supporting her clients to release stress and suppressed emotions to achieve overall wellbeing.

Diane provides a peaceful environment to fully relax your mind, body and nervous system. You will rediscover that your body is a profound source of tranquility and wisdom that is constantly available to you.


We are the precious gift of energy, moving through our physical form.
We are life in all its magnificent expressions 

My Treatments

Back Massage
Prenancy in White

KaHuna Body Work

KaHuna Body Work goes beyond what words are able to express, it allows your mind to peacefully rest into the space between the thoughts, between the breath and between the heart beat.

Samvahan Energy Alignment

Samvahan creates energy movement within the body, encouraging healthy vibrational channels, calmness and balance allowing the flow of life energy to release blockages, trapped emotions, stress, fatigue, grief and anger.

Pregnancy Massage

KaHuna pregnancy massage technique envelopes long, smooth flowing strokes, that stimulate energy movement, a heightened sense of vibrancy and aliveness, and at the same time, it invites calmness and peace. 


I discovered Diane in Kiama after I saw a flier of hers at a local yoga studio, offering Hawaiian massage. Diane's studio is tucked away in a quiet Kiama street. When you step inside you are surrounded by peace and tranquility. Diane is in tune with the universe. She is a skilful masseuse who can restore harmony in the body where there was tension.


I've been a client of Diane's for over 5 years now. Her treatments are so much more than a massage. I leave floating re energised and in love with life. Her pregnancy massages are like no other and she was instrumental in my postpartum healing. I've seen many professionals from different fields and Diane has been able to naturally heal the unhealable. I cant recommend her enough.


Get in Touch

Kiama Downs N.S.W. 2533

Ph 0417176459  or

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