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My Story

Throughout Dianes journey, she has discovered supportive ways to maintain balance through various healing modalities. ​

Following years of personal development this practice has stimulated her desire to educate clients through service and to raise consciousness on a collective level. Diane implements her caring nature along with her Neuro Linguistic coaching skills, Time line therapy, Hypnotherapy, Shiatsu and Polynesian floor massage, Samvahan energy practices and KaHuna body work to support clients as they develop and maintain balance and overall wellbeing in their lives.

Diane holds an open space for you through the practice of transformation.


Pebble Beach

My Approach

Diane provides a safe space that invites you to fully relax the mind, the body and the nervous system, where you are able to let go and surrender into the profound wisdom of the body.

Diane is passionate about holding space for her clients as they release stress and  suppressed emotions.


You will rediscover that all that you seek is already within you and that your body is a profound source of intelligence and tranquility that is constantly available to you.

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